[release] [Boron planning] PTL discussion on Boron planning

alagalah alagalah at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 18:09:03 UTC 2015

PTLs, (and anyone else who wants to chime in)

What would YOU like to see be the focii, timing etc anything for the
Boron release?

Some ideas but definitely not an agenda:

- timing? 
- release plan feedback? Too many steps, too few, more data required in
- should there be an ODL theme? (unicorns? stability? performance?
scale? technical debt? interproject work? ODL use case?)
- tools: weather report, dependency mapping, ability to identify
upstream issues and local rollback, JIRA
- offset mechanism. Is it working? Is it being fair? ie are offset x
projects really offset x or should they be x-1 ?
- Whats an API ? (API Freeze... because I make a YANG file to not have a
local Java Map so I can work with clustering, is that an API ??)
- Clustering? HA? Federation? (see use cases).

Feel free to say what ISN'T working. Maybe we may not know what a great
solution is, but perhaps others feel your pain.

It would be helpful in your response if you identified if you are a PTL
and for what project (as I don't know everyone ... sorry :( )

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