[release] yangtools-2.0.17 released

Robert Varga nite at hq.sk
Fri Mar 29 01:13:02 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

yangtools-2.0.17 has been released, fixing three bugs:

[YANGTOOLS-938] - InMemoryDataStore delete/write cycle produces
unexpected result
[YANGTOOLS-964] - YANG parser does not complain about missing feature
[YANGTOOLS-971] - Strings Ending in Escaped Backslash are Inproperly Lexed

Of these, the first one can bite users using PingPongBroker at heavy
loads. The second one may introduce failures with bad models, as we are
now properly cross-referencing if-feature and feature statements.

The third is an outside contribution fixing an edge case -- thanks to
Danielle Mustillo!

Additionally, we have the following improvements:

[YANGTOOLS-935] - Allow codecs to be instantiated without a SchemaPath
[YANGTOOLS-941] - Separate out AbstractNodeContainerModificationStrategy
abstract methods
[YANGTOOLS-944] - Introduce DelegatingModificationApplyOperation
[YANGTOOLS-945] - Eliminate no-op MandatoryLeafEnforcer
[YANGTOOLS-946] - Provide common superclass for
[YANGTOOLS-947] - Split out ModificationApplyOperation.verifyStructure()
into two methods
[YANGTOOLS-949] - Disconnect RootModificationApplyOperation from
[YANGTOOLS-950] - Optimize DataNodeContainerModificationStrategy child
[YANGTOOLS-951] - Fix ListEntry-rooted InMemoryDataTree integration
[YANGTOOLS-955] - Remove AlwaysFailOperation

Overall these result in 5-15% performance improvement in DataTree
microbenchmarks, while also reducing overall memory footprint.

We also have some minor drive-by fixes and improvement, plus some work
on YANGTOOLS-497 and YANGTOOLS-907 trickling down from 2.1.x and 3.0.x


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