[sfc-dev] Minutes of Meeting: (RE: SFC Agenda December 17, 2014)

Brady Allen Johnson brady.allen.johnson at ericsson.com
Thu Dec 18 19:10:43 UTC 2014

Minutes of Meeting, Dec 17, 2014


Sorry about the WebEx problems with the phone numbers, only being in Europe. I'll contact WebEx support about that to add US numbers.

Next Meeting:

-        The SFC meetings were cancelled for December 25 and January 1.

-        I proposed to have an interim meeting sometime around Dec 29, 30 but there was no interest

-        The next SFC meeting will be January 8, 2015.

SFC Lithium M1 details:

-        SFC Lithium M1 will be on offset 2: Jan 8, 2015

·                 Original M1 date was 12/11/2014

·                 Original M1, offset 1 was 12/18/2014

-        Project Lead

·       Vote ongoing, currently Brady Johnson is the only candidate

-        Testing contact:

·       Previous was Konstantin Blagov

·       I will send an email to the list asking for volunteers

·       If nobody volunteers, it will have to be me

-        Project contact: Brady Johnson

-        Release plan

·       Im working on this now, but we first need to define and prioritize the Lithium scope

§  https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Service_Function_Chaining:Lithium_Release_Plan

§  I will send the scope information out to the list for discussion

OPNFV discussion:

-        Reinaldo wanted to discuss this in the meeting, but he got disconnected

-        He will be submitting this, this week: https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/Network_Function_Chaining

-        I think it would be VERY advantageous for SFC to be used by OPNFV

-        I will organize a meeting tomorrow to discuss this and include Dave Lenrow (david.lenrow at hp.com<mailto:david.lenrow at hp.com>) from OPNFV

Action Points:

-        Talk to WebEx about providing US numbers, since only UK and Spanish numbers are provided (Brady) [ONGOING]

-        Prompt the list to vote for the project lead (Paul) [DONE]

-        Send an email to the list asking for Lithium Testing contact (Brady) [DONE]

-        Ask Sam Hague about their experiences in OVSDB with Trello. Otherwise, just use Wiki and email (Brady) [DONE]

-        Send an email to the list to open discussion about Lithium scope (Brady) [ONGOING]

-        Helium SR1.1 patch testing (Talk to Mehar about doing this) [ONGOING]

-        Create a meeting tomorrow for SFC inclusion in OPNFV with Reinaldo including Dave Lenrow. (Brady) [ONGOING]

Agend items covered:


-        This was my first time to host the SFC meeting, so I briefly introduced myself

Discuss Christmas vacation as related to subsequent SFC meetings:
            Thursday, December 25, no SFC meeting
            Thursday, January 1, no SFC meeting
            Next meeting: Thursday, January 8, 2015
            Should we have an interim meeting, maybe on Dec 29, 30?? Only if anybody is interested
                        Skip through the holidays

Reinaldo would like to also discuss:
Can I suggest we discuss the OPNFV project in the call?


I will submitting it this week.

Who can test the Helium-SR1.1 patch for SFC???

-        Requested by George Zhao on ODL-Release mailing list, Dec 17

SFC Project Lithium M1 preparations:

-        M1, offset 2 date: Jan 8

-        Project Lead, Vote ongoing, currently Brady Johnson is the only candidate

-        Who will be the Lithium test contact?

-        Who will be the project contact?

-        Release plan (I can put this together)

Shall we use some sort of Agile Backlog tool?

-        OVSDB is using Trello https://trello.com

-        Other suggestions???

These Agenda items were not covered in today's meeting:

What to include in SFC Lithium:

-        Load Balancing, SFG

-        Openstack - SFC integration

-        OF SFC Plug-in uses its own API instead of provider API

-        SFC Sonar clean-up

-        The rest of the items in the SFC Lithium TODO list: https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Service_Function_Chaining:Main#SFC_TODO_Lithium

Suggestions by Reinaldo:

-        I think we should start a discussion on the list about SFG

o   Not sure who will do what

o   I think we should take the design to the next level, come up with chunks of work  and see who wants to do what.

o   We can continue that discussion on the meeting if enough interest.

-        What to do with OVSDB plug-in?

o   Today unfinished. Future unknown...

-        What to do with LISP plug-in?

o   Anybody uses it? Future unknown...

-        OF SFC Plug-in uses its own API instead of provider API

o   I guess somebody should change that

o   Candidate for Lithium

-        Align SB Rest with OF Listener.

-        Openstack - SFC integration. We should make this work at some point.

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