[sfc-dev] SFCOFL2 DEMO

Chris Price chrispriceab at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 09:53:09 UTC 2015

Hi Alessio,

>From the distribution directory you can "rm ­rf" the ³journal" and
³snapshots² directory once you have shut down the controller which will
clean up any preserved information.

Based on good advice from Keith I run a command line like this when starting
the controller:
rm -rf journal; rm -rf snapshots; ./bin/karaf

/ Chris

From:  Alessio Silvestro <ale.silver.89 at gmail.com>
Date:  Friday 7 August 2015 11:11
To:  <sfc-dev at lists.opendaylight.org>
Subject:  [sfc-dev] SFCOFL2 DEMO

Hi all,

The first time I try to execute the demo, it worked right, but after some
more executions it does not work anymore.
I find out that even without send rest conf messages, while executing the
following script:

./client_tool.py -R

I got several RSP (more than 6) already configured even if on the web
interface there is no one.

Is there a way to "clean" ODL from the previous executions?

Thanks a lot.
Best regards,
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