[sfc-dev] [groupbasedpolicy-dev] Honeycomb, App Coexistence, Overlay Layer... do we need meetings/calls

Prem sankar G prem.sankar.g at ericsson.com
Fri Aug 7 15:58:11 UTC 2015

+1 and would be interested to participate in all of these topics.

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Subject: [groupbasedpolicy-dev] Honeycomb, App Coexistence, Overlay Layer... do we need meetings/calls

At the ODL Design Summit, we had a series of discussions around:

- App Coexistence via layered/stacked pipelines
- Growing a proper overlay topology layer that could meet the needs of various other layers (Policy, SFC, etc)
- Honeycomb - building a distributed ODL agent out of ODL parts that could run on the local server

I've had several folks reach out to me unicast wanting to get involved in one or more of these,
and so I was curious if there was any interest or appetite for some kind of a regular meeting/call/IRC meeting about them so we can coordinate together.

One of the interesting parts about all three of these is that they are less 'A new project with a new repo' and more 'Initiatives for projects to cross collaborate in interesting ways'.  There's work to be done, but its often cross project work.


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