[sfc-dev] SFC Weekly meeting minutes, January 29

Brady Allen Johnson brady.allen.johnson at ericsson.com
Fri Jan 30 12:24:24 UTC 2015

Here are the meeting minutes from the SFC weekly meeting on January 29, 2015

1) Do we have any clustering requirements?
               - YES: SFC does indeed need clustered data change listeners across Control instances
                              - Hasn't been tested yet in SFC (Reinaldo will do this)
                              - email requesting requirements [0]
                              - bug report [1]

2) Are there any features originally listed that wont enter in the project?
- I would like to remove one that I listed: Test Report: SFC Openstack operability
                              OK to remove
- Are the rest of the features on track??
                              Need to check with Load Balancing folks. (Brady)

3) M2 checklist items answered so far, please review:
- Project will use OpenDaylight CI Infrastructure? Yes
- Project has special needs in CI Infrastructure (tools or configuration)?
                              YES: we need Python 3.4 to be able to run Python tests in Jenkins
- All project dependencies have been acknowledged and documented by upstream projects?
                              SFC has an open dependency on OVSDB: we need to be able to do CRUD ops on tunnels without bringing in the AD-SAL (Brady to document this)
- Documentation Contact if available.
                              Chris Price [2]
4) Anything else?
- Konstantin Blagov will no longer work with SFC

-        We need a New Testing contact. (Brady will send an email)
- Next Week's meeting: co-discussion with GBP folks (Paul to start email thread)
               - We will start taking meeting minutes via IRC. Thomas will do next week's meeting minutes via IRC

Action Points:
Reinaldo: Test SFC clustering to see how it works
Brady: Check that Load Balancing is on track
Brady: Document SFC dependency on OVSDB
Brady: Send email for Volunteers for new testing contact -->DONE
Paul: start email thread for next week's meeting with GBP
Brady: Post link to previous sfc-dev emails with meeting minutes on SFC wiki
Thomas: take meeting minutes in next week's meeting

[0] [controller-dev] [clustering] Regarding notification enhancement (https://bugs.opendaylight.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2139)<https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/controller-dev/2015-January/007827.html>
[1] https://bugs.opendaylight.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2139
[2] https://lists.opendaylight.org/pipermail/sfc-dev/2015-January/000810.html


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