[sfc-dev] SFC Weekly Meeting Agenda

Brady Allen Johnson brady.allen.johnson at ericsson.com
Wed Mar 4 18:26:32 UTC 2015

Hello everybody,

In this week's weekly SFC meeting, lets discuss how to integrate the 
Load Balancing Service Function Groups into SFC.

Some alternatives as suggested by Shlomi are:

    In our first proposal we suggest to replace the occurrences of SF in
    Service-Path-Hop by SFG. In order to minimize the impact on the
    existing solutions I would like to re-think about this change and
    consider these alternatives:

     1. Create a base class for both SF and SFG and use it in the SPH –
        this way we would be able to use either SF or SFG seamlessly.

     2. Extend SF to include a list of “child” SF’s and make it act as
        SFG – this way we will not need to change any existing element
        but only have different behavior when configuring the SFF
        according to the existence of children SF’s.

     3. Use our first proposal and replace any reference of SF by SFG.
        we will get the current behavior by using SFG that contains
        single SF

And an alternative solution as suggested by Reinaldo:

    I would propose to use SFG xor SF when creating chains.  The RSP
    then would include a reference to SFG xor SF.   This would allow us
    to maintain backward compatibility while giving users full access to
    SFG as originally designed.

    In other words, when you create a chains, it would be a ordered set
    of SF types xor SFG types. We can then reuse most of the code and
    most APIs would require medium changes.  Since you can have a SFG of
    one SF, chances are folks will start configuring SFGs by default.



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