[sfc-dev] [groupbasedpolicy-dev] The required Changes on GBP side for SFC integration

Keith Burns alagalah at noironetworks.com
Tue Mar 10 16:13:25 UTC 2015


On reflection, since the integration is more "black box" for this iteration
(lithium) it MAY mean that for flows that GBP writes we have a GBP action
and IFF SFC supports rate limiting "inside the black box" it would need to
be passed and your suggestion of putting rate in chain maybe the best

Sorry for not thinking about this end to end. Good call out.

Brady/Thomas/ Reinaldo should we set up a status call for folks who want to
contribute to the POC Lithium and beyond before Thursday?
On Mar 10, 2015 9:01 AM, "Keith Burns" <alagalah at noironetworks.com> wrote:

> Yi,
> I know Reinaldo and Thomas have already done a lot of work already on the
> GBP side, but I know they would love some help.
> For GBP we are tracking this on Trello
> https://trello.com/c/yPGqrAUV/90-sfc-integration and we give an update in
> our team meeting each week
> (see https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Group_Policy:Sub-Groups:STATUS
> for meeting minutes).
> There's actually quite a bit to getting even the basic "Chain:Foo" action
> going in terms of conflict avoidance, avoiding dot-product flow explosion
> etc that Thomas is working on.
> As for the scope for Li POC, at this stage, we have committed to doing
> "chain:foo" i.e. asking for chain by name.
> I think if you wanted to address #2, it would be great to touch base with
> them on how this may be achieved.
> We would need to discuss "rate" .. I think we are overloading the CHAIN
> action. Rate limiting in GBP should be a separate action, as remember, the
> resolution process is "ALL CLASSIFIERS MUST BE TRUE (logical AND) AND
> ACTIONS APPLIED IN ORDER" ... rate limiting would be one of those
> actions.... from a high level.
> Perhaps a meeting would be in order before either SFC or GBPs team
> meeting....
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 7:28 AM, Yang, Yi Y <yi.y.yang at intel.com> wrote:
>>  Hi, all
>> As you knew, we have done some work for SFC + GBP integration, this wiki
>> page
>> https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/Service_Function_Chaining:Group_Based_Policy_Integration
>> tracked the changes. Now we need to do some work on GBP side, two necessary
>> things are:
>> #1. Add a new action “chain”.
>> #2. Enhance GBP policy semantics to support SFC policy, SFC policy looks
>> like “ID: DPI->FW->LB, rate”, ID is an identifier for a specific flow, rate
>> is used to limit bandwidth.
>> I’m not sure anybody is working on them. I know Thomas Bachman did SFC
>> Manager as a start point, Reinaldo Penno added SFC API calls. I believe we
>> need to do much more on GBP side. I look forward to seeing ideas from GBP
>> experts here, I can start doing them if nobody is doing them, but obviously
>> GBP experts’ input is very important, I’m a newbie for GBP.
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