[sfc-dev] [groupbasedpolicy-dev] How can I run GBP and SFC simultaneously from local git directory?

Raghurama Bhat raghu.odl at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 02:30:46 UTC 2015

Hi Yi,

Once you build both projects locally, You can go into the Karaf console from
one of the distributions and add the local maven repo as a Karaf repository.
For example, Here I am adding the GBP features to the SFC distribution


After this, the group policy features will be available in the feature list
and you can install them



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Subject:  [groupbasedpolicy-dev] How can I run GBP and SFC simultaneously
from local git directory?

Hi, guys
As you know, we need to do integration test for SFC + GBP, installation
sources are SFC and GBP git tree, for git installation, every project has
its own karaf and feature list, we only can start a karaf (or from SFC or
from GBP), but this karaf can¹t find features from the other project,
anybody knows how to do? Thank you for your help in advance.
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