[sfc-dev] [vtn-dev] Could you fix the features.xml of the Integration group?

Luis Gomez ecelgp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 18:58:58 UTC 2015

Thanks Hideyuki for catching this :)

I cc release list as we said we are going to do when integration distribution (and system test) breaks. 

I also take this opportunity to remind all projects that a change in your project features will normally impact downstream projects and for sure integration project so please make sure you inform + file required patches when you do this.


> On Mar 18, 2015, at 10:12 AM, Tai, Hideyuki <hideyuki.tai at necam.com> wrote:
> Hi the SFC project,
> Could you check and fix the features.xml of the Integration group?
>    ${integration.git}/features/test/src/main/resources/features.xml
>     84         <feature version='0.1.0-SNAPSHOT'>odl-sfc-all</feature>
>     85         <feature version='0.1.0-SNAPSHOT'>odl-sfclisp</feature>
>     86         <feature version='0.1.0-SNAPSHOT'>odl-sfcofl2</feature>
> The file uses the "odl-sfc-all" feature, although the SFC project has already removed the "odl-sfc-all" feature with the following patch.
> https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/#/c/16621/
> Due to this, the feature test in Integration group fails now.
>  $ cd integration/features/test/
>  $ mvn clean test
>    (snip)
>  Tests in error:
>    No feature named 'odl-sfc-all' with version '0.1.0-SNAPSHOT' available
>    No feature named 'odl-sfc-all' with version '0.1.0-SNAPSHOT' available
> It seems to me that this inconsistency causes a build failure of the VTN project.
> https://jenkins.opendaylight.org/releng/job/vtn-distribution-master/16/
> Regards,
> Hideyuki Tai
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