[sfc-dev] Minutes of Meeting : Weekly SFC meeting May 14

Brady Allen Johnson brady.allen.johnson at ericsson.com
Mon May 18 20:35:12 UTC 2015

In the weekly SFC meeting on May 14th, we mainly talked about the M5 
deadline, as follows.

Once we cut the stable Lithium branch, any changes on Master will be for 
the Beryllium release. So if you still want to make changes, but those 
changes dont need to be in Lithium, just go ahead and make them on master.

Here is how we will proceed once we cut the stable Lithium branch:

  * A bug must be created before making any changes on the stable
    Lithium branch.
      o Include me in the bug
      o Send an email with the Bugzilla link to the sfc-dev list.
  * For changes made to the stable Lithium branch, you also have to
    cherry pick the change to master.

Originally I wanted to cut the branch on Friday, but we came across some 
last-minute issues with the GBP+SFC integration and will hopefully do it 
in the next hour or so (09:00 PST Monday).

Here is a list of pending changes identified in the meeting:

  * NSH Nsc registers (Brady) - Already merged
  * TCP Proxy (Brady) - To be merged now
  * SFC-OVS (Thomas) - We just merged this change in now
  * Load Balance UI (Shlomi) - to be written on the Lithium branch

Here are the instructions for cutting the branch, in case anybody is 

I have an action item to review and merge this Lisp patch by Vina Ermagan:



On 05/14/2015 03:06 PM, Brady Allen Johnson wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Lets discuss the following in today's meeting:
>   * Status of M5 (due today)
>   * Implications of M5 Lithium stability branch
> Talk to ya soon,
> Brady
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