[OpenDaylight TSC] Thank you to the TSC and all the members of our community that worked to resolve the recent security issues

David Meyer dmm at 1-4-5.net
Thu Dec 18 21:27:52 UTC 2014

Board, TSC, and OpenDaylight Community,

I wanted to personally thank our TSC chair, Colin Dixon for shepherding
resolution of the current security problem. I also want to thank  Robert
Varga for writing the patches and getting them out in a timely fashion,
David Jorm brining the problem to  our the attention, Luis Gomez for
testing the release and making sure we didn't suffer regressions from SR1,
Ed Warnike, Thanh Ha and  George Zhao for spinning the new release, and
Chris Wright for his guidance and, well for everything he does for our
project. And thanks to everyone else in our community who helped resolve
this problem. Well done all.

In addition, the TSC and the ODL community at large did a great job of
putting in place a process to provide prompt and effective response to
future security issues, again great progress.

Great work, and a sincere thanks to all of you!

Safe and happy holidays to all of you and your families,

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