[OpenDaylight TSC] board requests of the TSC

Colin Dixon colin at colindixon.com
Thu Mar 26 17:21:08 UTC 2015

Coming out of a recent meeting, the board has made the following requests
of the TSC. We'll cover them (or at least start) during today's TSC meeting.

The members of the TSC who also sit on the board will be there to help
provide context and we can start thinking about how we can address these


* The board seeks to improve Stability, Scalability, Security and
Performance (S3P) of future ODL Simultaneous releases, and requests the TSC
to create a clear S3P criteria / requirement and metrics to measure S3P in
each release.  The board further asks the TSC to update the Project Life
Cycle document to support the S3P concept in future releases and as a
criteria for upgrading a project to a “Mature” state.

* The board also requests that the TSC recommends a list of projects that
constitute the “ODL kernel” (i.e. providing key and essential functionality
without which, ODL can’t deliver basic functionality, including user
expected most basic plugins) for future ODL releases. Proposed list for TSC
consideration includes: Controller (including MD-SAL/Yang), OpenFlow
plugin, neutron plugin, network virtualization code, AAA, OVSDB and topology

* The board recommends that ODL focuses on the following Use Cases for
Lithium and Beryllium releases, (at a minimum): Network Virtualization and
Service Chaining. To support this Use Case focus, the board also requests
the TSC to define the list of projects and capabilities needed and build
tests to validate they adhere to the TSC defined S3P criteria. The board
further asks the TSC to work with the ODL Advisory Group to gather their
feedback for these use cases, and report to board periodically on its
progress on these tasks.

* The board requests the TSC to prepare a plan for shipping the “ODL
kernel” and the projects required for the Use Cases (listed below) as
“Mature” projects with S3P for the Beryllium release as part of the
simultaneous release and advise he board on best effort plan for partially
achieving these goals for Lithium. The TSC will provide the board with
resources requirement estimate for achieving the goal, as well as a list of
expected gaps and suggestions for addressing them.

* The board tasks TSC to create a comprehensive test plan to achieve and
validate S3P including identifying the resource needed for Lithium and
Beryllium (per “ODL kernel” and targeted Use Cases) and present to the
Board for discussion in its next meeting and get the board’s support in
identifying additional resources. These may include platform performance,
datastore and IO performance, per TSC decisions

* The board requests the TSC to recommend a plan for converging future ODL
releases, on a small set (ideally one) of projects/technologies essential
for the use cases identified for those releases.
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