[OpenDaylight TSC] Asking the Board to Remove the Singularity Principle

Edward Warnicke hagbard at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 18:09:52 UTC 2016

Anil today brought up the issue of the Singularity Principle in the TSC
in todays TSC:


The TSC Policy contains a statement:

"Singularity:  To the extent possible, there should be no overlap between
the goals of the core projects and artifacts created by them"

There were questions raised as to the impact this had as projects because
core on other projects, and I was #actioned to start an email conversation
on the topic.

To me, the singularity clause is troubling because it implies that once a
project reaches core, nobody can compete with things that are within its
scope, effectively innovation is shut off.  In my mind, part of being a
truly open source project is being an open innovation regime, and that
implies that we do not anoint 'the one true winner' in a particular area,
but allow that to emerge based up quality of the work a project produces
and its adoption.  In the presence of the Singularity clause, core
promotions feel to much like picking winners-for-all-time via a political
process, rather than allowing winners to emerge via technical merit.

So I would propose that the TSC petition the board to strike the
Singularity Clause from the TSC policy.

I am curious to hear the thoughts of others on the subject.

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