[OpenDaylight TSC] [VOTE] language on filling TSC vacancies

Colin Dixon colin at colindixon.com
Mon Mar 20 18:31:58 UTC 2017

Based on the conversation on the thread here:

We have the following suggested language:

> In the event of a TSC vacancy, when practical, the TSC will fill it by
> taking the next-most-popular eligible candidate from the previous election
> where the vacancy occurred, e.g., the next most popular candidate from the
> committer-at-large election if a committer-at-large member of the TSC steps
> down. This may not be practical for a variety of reasons including, but not
> limited to, insufficient time before the next scheduled TSC election or
> there not being any remaining eligible candidates in the relevant previous
> election. In these cases, a special election for just that vacancy
> (complete with new nominations and voting) will be held if practical, and
> the seat will remain vacant until the next TSC election if such a special
> election isn't practical.

Please vote +1,0,-1 if you'd like to send it to the board for approval as
part of our TSC election process.

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