[OpenDaylight TSC] The long awaited JIRA

Andrew Grimberg agrimberg at linuxfoundation.org
Tue Sep 26 20:54:22 UTC 2017

Greetings folks,

I know y'all have been clamoring for JIRA for... well a long time now.
So, we have setup a brand new JIRA instance [0]. I just finished a test
import into it. This is _not_ the finalized import. We'll announce a
date and time for when that will actually happen. What I want though is
for the community to actually log into this instance and poke around,
unlike the last one where we basically got zero feedback.

So, here's the deal with this setup, to help with a lot of various
standardization and to improve support to our projects one of the things
that will be happening when we do finally move to JIRA is that the ODL
identity system will be deprecated. Our move to JIRA will be the second
phase in our step to LFID (Linux Foundation identity) [1]. This new JIRA
instance does not support ODL ID and only supports LFID.

Most all of the committers will have received invites to ODL groups in
the LFID system a month or two back. We need to do a refresher for any
changes that have happened since then.

Please log in, poke around and test things. I have disabled the outgoing
mail on system so changes in it aren't going to cause and spam. I've
done what I can bring over the current workflow. What hasn't been done
with it currently is making sure that project committers are marked as
admins on their projects. If any committers of projects want to play
with some of those features, please let us know via a helpdesk ticket
what project(s) and we can make sure that the group gets permissions

I would like to have any feedback from the community by October 11 so
that I can make modifications and plan to do the official cutover
sometime during the LF RELENG sprint 9 (which is October 16 - 30). When
we do the official cutover, the current projects will all be dropped,
and a fresh import will be done.

Folks wishing for their issues to be properly linked to their LFID will
need to login to the JIRA instance at least once as well as submit their
LFID and current bugzilla email address to me (directly is fine) so that
I can fix up the migration script appropriately to do the linking during
the migration. We won't do the linking after the migration as there are
fields we cannot change without an outage and direct database
modifications. We also cannot do the linking if you've not logged into
the JIRA instance once.


[0] https://jira.opendaylight.org
[1] https://identity.linuxfoundation.org

Andrew J Grimberg
Lead, IT Release Engineering
The Linux Foundation

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